Great Westringias for tall, medium and low hedges

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3 January 2012
Great Westringias for tall, medium and low hedges
OZBREED AUSSIE BOX® Westringia ‘WES02’ PBR and GREY BOX™ Westringia fruticosa ‘WES04’ PBR.

Westringias are great Australian natives that are widely used for hedges, but if they aren’t regularly pruned they can get untidy. These three new Westringias eliminate this problem. They need much less pruning and look much tidier if they aren’t pruned at all! They are all drought tough like other Westringias with the benefit of a better looking hedge and much less maintenance.

For tall and medium sized hedges, Naringa is the best Westringia. It has upright growth rather than horizontal, which makes it much neater if left unpruned. Naringa needs half the pruning of other Westringias and grows 1-2.2m high and 500mm-1m wide. It can be pruned down to 1.2m for a long term hedge. Masses of mauve coloured flowers appear in spring and at other times of the year.

For medium and low hedges, Aussie Box is perfect. It is a tough, native alternative to Japanese Box that won’t need much water. Aussie Box forms into a hedge much quicker, but will need slightly more pruning than exotic box plants to keep a hedge. It still requires much less pruning than other Westringias, and naturally will grow into a ball shape with no pruning. Aussie Box grows 60cm high x 60cm wide and can be pruned down to 500mm for the long term. Mauve coloured flowers appear throughout spring and summer.

For low hedges use Grey Box, it is also a great colour contrast. Grey Box is a drought tough native alternative to English Box. It has all the same benefits of Aussie Box but with beautiful grey foliage and a smaller growth habit. Grey Box is extremely compact, only growing 30-40cm high x 30-40 cm wide. Like Aussie Box, if left unpruned it grows into a natural ball shape and can be pruned down to 30cm high for a long term hedge. This Westringia has white flowers that appear throughout spring and summer.

If you love hedges and formal gardens, but don’t want to worry about using so much water, Naringa, Aussie Box and Grey Box are for you. Used together they will give a beautiful contrast. Even for informal gardens they can be left unpruned with a much tidier form. The Aussie Box and Grey Box can be mass planted as a great feature with their natural ball shape.

You can find more information on Ozbreed's Aussie Box Westringia here


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