Good looking, warm and totally switched on

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23 May 2013
Good looking, warm and totally switched on
Escea double sided DX1500 fireplace in Saggio di Vino.

In a world first, New Zealand company Escea has developed a range of transparent, double sided gas fireplaces that also act as central heating units. The Escea DX1500 range is an impressive 1500 mm in width, and with efficiency of over 85 percent it sets a new standard in gas fires. With up to 10 kW of output the DX1500 is the equivalent of four standard electric heaters on full.

“We work with architects and designers from around the world, and they’re pretty demanding when it comes to design,” says Escea Managing Director, Nigel Bamford. “We wanted to develop a range that would appeal visually, function at a high level and integrate with home technology – the DX range covers all of these bases.”

In addition to its sophisticated styling, the DX series doubles as an efficient central heating unit with the ability to duct heat into multiple locations around the home. The DX1000 can distribute heat to up to five outlets while the DX1500 can supply up to eight, allowing heat to be spread evenly over a large area. The DX system also addresses the issue of the fireplace overheating the room while leaving the rest of the house cold. Offering up to 10 kW of heat and a 4.8 star rating these units rate among the highest output, highest efficiency fireplaces available, and they also carry the ENERGY STAR mark.

Escea’s Smart Heat intelligent control system also allows home owners remote control operation of the fire from a smart phone, allowing them to turn the fireplace on as they drive home. The Smart Heat system monitors the temperature in the room and makes adjustments to ensure the room is kept at the exact temperature requested. Escea lead designer Alan McGregor says that the DX series represents a new generation of gas fire.

“The DX range offers some fundamental advantages over the traditional gas fire systems,” says McGregor. “The flue system, for example, no longer has to exit vertically through the roof; it can run horizontally, or even under the floor. This flexibility allows architects and designers a lot more freedom when placing the fire. The good looks and styling of this fireplace, make it the natural focal point of any home.”

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