Gerflor introduces Mipolam Symbioz

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14 March 2013
Gerflor introduces Mipolam Symbioz
Gerflor - Mipolam Symbioz.

Innovation continues to power the Gerflor flooring brand with the launch of Mipolam Symbioz. This range of homogenous flooring with the Evercare surface treatment delivers the best stain and chemical resistance on the market.

Mipolam Symbioz is a highly flexible homogenous flooring that is easy to install and weld. Made from 75 per cent sustainable or renewable resources, Symbioz features a 100 per cent bio based plasticiser for the lowest environmental impact at every stage of the product life. And whilst easy on the environment, Symbioz is one heavy duty product.

The patented Evercare surface treatment delivers market leading chemical and stain resistance. Evercare definitively replaces the application of wax or polish over the lifetime of the product, slashing maintenance costs. Evercare is a Polyurethane treatment that is micro structured by cross coat polymeriseration using laser technology and acting as a barrier against stains and chemical aggression. Health and aged care projects are definite beneficiaries of the arrival of Gerflor's all new Mipolam Symbioz available in a wide range of contemporary colours.

Another powerful reason to make your floor a Gerflor.

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