Gerflor drives healthcare up the wall

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25 June 2013
Gerflor drives healthcare up the wall
Gerflor SPM wall protection.

Resilient flooring specialist and household name in health care, Gerflor, has launched a complete range of wall protection, handrails and accessories onto the Australian market. Known as Gerflor SPM, this extensive collection of wall, corner, door and hand rail systems has been tested in real operating conditions with weights that correspond to trolleys and impact speeds consistent with people on the move at 320kg at three km/h. These heavy duty characteristics are important in demanding health and education settings but, according to Global Manager of the Gerflor SPM portfolio, Eric Delville, it’s the bacteriostatic and fungistatic characteristics of the ranges that make the most compelling story.

“For most architects, wall protection is a necessary evil. It offends their design sensibilities to consider using panels and handrails on nice clean white or grey walls. For a long time in a lot of countries wall protection was never specified in the first stage of the project. It was only after construction and the building was in use that they saw the damage and the breeding ground that it sets up for bacteria, that protection was installed,” he said.

“Our SPM products are 100 per cent antibacterial. The entire Gerflor range is specially designed to prevent a build up of dust and germs. The non-porous surface and rounded design of every product is the result of in-depth engineering studies,” Mr Delville said.

An extensive palette of colours and designs and a host of options to customise these to complement a particular design aesthetic will help to stimulate interest amongst local architects and designers. But it could be the capacity to digitally print anything on panels to enliven operating theatres, corridors and wards that really sparks their interest beyond the inherent health and safety benefits.

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