Geodesic Dome project

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22 January 2013
Geodesic Dome project
Geodesic Dome designed by LAADP for Melbourne University project.

A recent project by PTID to update Melbourne University's Physics Department required Landscape and Architectural Design Products to design, manufacture and Install a 2.9 metre Diam Geodesic Dome.

The Dome is to be used as a quiet work space for the university's physics students.

The Dome was a combination of laser cut triangles and also perforated metal triangles, both made from aluminium.

As the Dome was based on a "2V" Geodesic Dome Design, it consisted of both isosceles triangles and equilateral triangles. The panels were joined at 2 different angles using custom brackets. All dimensions were predetermined by using a Geodesic 2V Dome formula. Four special telescopic adjustable legs were also incorporated into the design .

LAADP were also contracted to design and manufacture a special laser cut metal ceiling for the new Physics Department. The ceiling panels were laser cut into a 100x100 grid that was then pressed (using a 40 tonne pressing machine) in the centres to create a series of moulded dome shapes along the length of the 17 metre long ceiling, to house unique large architectural semi dome shaped lighting.

LAADP are experts in 2D and 3D architectural and landscape design and manufacturing for projects.

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