Future bathroom trend designs

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27 July 2012
Future bathroom trend designs
Philippe Grohe, Head of the Axor brand at Hansgrohe.

Custom-configured solutions, convenient added benefits and high-quality details are in fashion.

Dictated styles are a thing of the past. When it comes to the home and comfort, the personal compass is the key to the interior design of today. Personalisation also defines decisions in the bathroom. This private refuge should reflect your personal comfort requirements and preferences and the overall look should suit your personal style world, from Classic to the Avantgarde. The emphasis on the emotionality of the design language is greater from this perspective; thoughtfully handled details and surfaces are in demand as well, as is clear from recent international trade fairs for interior design. The Black Forest mixer and shower manufacturer Hansgrohe SE is responding to these current trends with innovative solutions that address complex demands – for a feel-good bathroom that shares many impulses with modern décor.

"Personalisation" trend: Hansgrohe creates freedom with the ComfortZone
The focus within the four walls of the home is increasingly on finding a level of personal comfort to fit your own habits and requirements like a glove. We configure the home and adapt the functionality of furnishings to our own needs – and, ultimately, want the same approach in the bathroom. Hansgrohe has a name for this: The sanitation specialist calls the self-defined space under the mixer the ComfortZone. Models with spouts at different heights are available to match how the wash basin is used.

All four Hansgrohe series – Metris, Talis, Focus and PuraVida – deliver this additional freedom in the approach to water. Ultimately, habits in the bathroom are personal, from washing your hands to washing your hair under the tap. The result is expectations of comfort, just as in the living area. Furnishers are now also increasingly aware of customers' needs in terms of personalised comfort.

Comfort and design should combine in a stylistically convincing way and suit homestyle and lifestyle. Hansgrohe addresses this challenge from many angles and offers points of departure in three style worlds. Avantgarde, Modern and Classic provide a choice of high-quality solutions for your personal dream bathroom combination.

"Additional benefits" trend: Hansgrohe offers that little bit more when it comes to water
The demands placed on the home are growing – and Hansgrohe offers attractive added benefits in many products above and beyond the specific function of the bathroom object. This reflects the general trend, as we now expect furnishings to be able to do more than what you see at first glance. Sometimes we want an interface with electronics, sometimes a clever way of increasing the level of comfort.

In current bathroom design, Hansgrohe looks for convincing new solutions that deliver personal added benefit in the approach to water. The Ecostat Select thermostat is one example: mounted flush with the wall, it supports a practical, flat glass cover that is an ideal space for shower gels and shampoos. The temperature-mixing technology panelling not only means the Ecostat Select has a closed design that is easy to clean, the housing is completely air-insulated, which means it always maintains a comfortable surface temperature. Rounded edges provide a further guarantee of safety. The Raindance Select hand shower, on the other hand, comes with a practical and equally intuitive way of changing jet types at the touch of a button. Set your level of comfort with a single click, exactly when and how you want it.

"High quality in detail" trend: strong character at Hansgrohe
The bathroom has long ceased to be a standard product, just as the home itself. The trend is for sophisticated details and a fascinating interplay of material, surfaces and shape. Subtle luxury is very much in vogue – and subtle luxury is what, for example, the Hansgrohe Avantgarde mixer PuraVida radiates. Its DualFinish in radiant white and chrome and its sculptural look bring a sensual aura to the bathroom. Styling so good you can touch it is styling in step with the desire for hand-crafted quality in the trend environment, drawing attention to the sensuality of materials and design.

Surfaces, curves and rounded corners are a powerful combination in many areas of design, which mixers such as Metris and PuraVida and the PuraVida showers deliver in the Hansgrohe bathroom. The mixer bodies of the Avantgarde line are as distinctive as the showers. The SoftCube design adds a level of quality that goes far beyond short-term trends.

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