Foxfire Louvre solves fire hazzard for top architect

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26 February 2016
Foxfire Louvre solves fire hazzard for top architect
The Operable Glazed Louvres (GG BT60) used on the South Yarra apartment project.

In the ever busier area of South Yarra, a hub of residential high rises has been emerging over the past 10 years.

Lucia Apartments, a stunning new gem in the local vicinity, was designed by an architecture practice that has left its mark on Melbourne with countless developments. The architecture practice behind the project was Elenberg Fraser.

In an attempt to squeeze two 20-story apartment towers in the very tight lot there was no choice but to reduce the setbacks from the normal deed of the property, so a sanctuary of space between the towers could be created for the residents to enjoy in their time off from their busy lives. Although this caused significantly more space, it created a potential fire hazard for potential future properties.

We were engaged by builder LU Simon to implement the isolation from fires spreading. Having had significant experience from many other buildings to draw upon, we came up with a solution that was both cost effective and stunning to look at. We delivered and installed it all within the project plan. The Operable Glazed Louvres (GG BT60) through the corridors added an additional feature to the facade, and served as a great practical solution.

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