Four Escea fireplaces heat a modern new build home

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12 November 2015

The Christchurch-based homeowners have a long background in the hospitality industry so knew that their dream home had to be designed with entertaining in mind.

The couple enlisted the help of Darren O’Neil of O’Neil Architects to design a two-storey home that was light and spacious, with the kitchen at its heart.

A floating blonde wooden staircase with glass sides connects the two storeys and emphasises the light feeling of the space.

With entertaining in mind, they wanted to have features where their friends and family could gather. So the family installed four Escea fireplaces. The Escea ST900 ambient gas heater is a perfect model to heat a bedroom. The owners installed these in two of the bedrooms, and with the Zero Clearance rating of the ST900 they were able to safely fit a TV above each fireplace.

A powerful Escea DL850 gas fireplace sits in the lounge area and heats the entire open plan living space. With the Escea Smart Heat app on their phone, they can turn on their gas fire before they leave work for the day, and walk in to enjoy a warm and cosy home.

Rich shades give a sense of elegance and warmth to the main living room that comes off the kitchen. Thick wooden shelves give the room crisp clean lines, which continue in the wide mantelpiece that sits above the fire. The couple chose a Volcanic Black fascia and Black Coals to add to the masculine theme of the room, and a concrete floating hearth makes a weighty impact.

With every feature they could possibly want designed into their property, this couple truly have their dream home. Now all that’s left is that teppanyaki plate.

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