Foamular vs. Polystyrene

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24 February 2011
Foamular vs. Polystyrene

There is a general misunderstanding amongst the general public when it comes to Polystyrene (also known as Styrofoam). Styrofoam is regularly used as a generic term for expanded polystyrene foam, such as disposable coffee cups or cushioning material in packaging. These are normally white and made up of expanded polystyrene beads. This is different from the Extruded Polystyrene process used to produce Foamular.

Foamular Extruded Polystyrene

Many engineers, builders, architects and home owners are choosing Foamular due to its tough but lightweight nature, high compressive strength, density and thermal resistance. Foamular offers superior long-term thermal performance and outstanding water resistant properties through its high density cell structure.

Tough and Durable

Foamular is a closed cell insulation board, which makes it virtually 100% moisture resistant. Normally when insulation comes into contact with water it loses its thermal abilities, but even when covered with ice or surrounded by moisture, Foamular still upholds its thermal and physical properties making it ideal when faced with extreme surroundings.

High Performance

Foamular Extruded Polystyrene has superior R-values than most other products at comparable thicknesses. Just 25mm of Foamular achieves R0.89 and 100mm achieves R3.57. Foamular is guaranteed to maintain its physical properties and a minimum of 90% ‘R’ value for a period of 20 years. With a high R-value and the assurance of a substantial extensive guarantee, Foamular is credited for its effective insulation advantages.

Environmentally Friendly

Foamular is a CFC free insulation product with high R-values. Using Foamular restricts external temperature exchange, reducing internal temperature variations, lowering the need for synthetic air conditioning and electricity expenditure. Meaning less energy is consumed in maintaining building thermal efficiency, consequently leading to fewer polluting emissions in the environment.

The flexibility of Foamular can be applied to suit a range of needs including:

  • Agriculture
  • Storage
  • Construction
  • Model Building
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