Fluvia arrives at KE-ZU

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13 September 2013
Fluvia arrives at KE-ZU
One of the many Fluvia models available at KE-ZU.

KE-ZU has recently welcomed Fluvia to the band of Spanish manufacturers we supply to the Australian market. Fluvia says of their current catalogue: “Design free from excesses, with pure geometries and timeless forms to offer the optimum spread of lighting for each use”.

Lighting affects that we way live by manipulating the aesthetic of our environment. The housing in which this light takes its form is equally important. A light fitting is separated into two facets, the light it emits and the design of the object. The two are intimately bound together and neither can take precedence over the other.

The pieces which form the Fluvia family perfectly balance functionality and good looks, bringing the aesthetics of past architectural lamps into the future to merge with the modern aesthetics of the latest feats of architecture and design.

Recently launching its first collections ‘Slim’ and ‘Flat’, the Slim Collection is a powerful family of fixtures which cast a powerful light and comprise an array of lighting devices which hold strong presence for being not only expertly manufactured, but also technologically cutting-edge. The Flat Collection consists of minimalist, free-standing lights designed for workstations, desks, conference rooms, the pieces all suitable for all office and corporate environments.

The Fluvia product fashionably illuminate spaces utilising the latest in LED technology, therefore being energy conscious and low maintenance. The Slim Collection suits a variety of environments both residential and commercial in a flexible and versatile way, exuding appropriate light from their uber-cool housing – managing to hit the two fundamental facets of lighting well out of the park.

Fluvia Slim models are currently available for viewing in the showroom and are available for sale now through KE-ZU and nationally through their distribution network.


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