Flood response with Davey products

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31 January 2011
Flood response with Davey products
Davey offers a range of solutions to help with your flood clean up.

Many regions throughout Australia have been devastated by recent floods resulting in significant damage to property, infrastructure and safe water supplies. Davey has products for pumping and water disinfection to assist families, communities and businesses at this time.

Water Disinfection with Davey Acquasafe®
Acquasafe added to tank water is much safer to consume and very effective in destroying over 170 types of bacteria and viruses including water born worms and mosquitoes.

In urgent times, the concentration of Acquasafe can be increased to a maximum of 1 litre per 5,000 litres to disinfect the water in 40mins. "However, tank water treated with Acquasafe should be monitored regularly using Acquasafe test strips,” notes Maryanne Dutka, Market Manager – Water Treatment.

UV Disinfection with Steriflo®
Davey offers the Steriflo UV as an alternative to manual dosing, by exposing the untreated water to high doses of ultraviolet light. The UV damages the DNA of organisms present in the water making them sterile and unable to reproduce and cause illness. Mrs. Dutka recommends installing Steriflo UV with Filterpure® two stage pre-filtration for maximum UV transmissibility. Davey Steriflo is suitable for domestic and commercial applications and takes the hard work out of water disinfection.

Packaged Pump, Filtration & UV Disinfection Systems with Aquashield® Max
For an all-in-one system, Davey offers the Aquashield Max which includes a Davey pump, Filterpure two-stage filtration and Steriflo UV. Neatly packaged in a weatherproof cabinet, Aquashield Max is suitable for rainwater, borewater or surface water supplies. “Suitable for flow rates up to 70 lpm, it is truly an automatic and simple plumb in, plumb out system” Mrs. Dutka says.

Pumping Options with Davey Products

Water Movers / Gushers
Ideal for moving large volumes of unwanted water, Davey’s 3″ Water Mover 6.5hp and 7hp models are designed to move up to 1000 litres per minute. David Storey, Market Manager – Rural & Household notes “These Water Movers are ideal for pumping dirty water, even with some solids, as they feature a heavy duty, high quality cast iron impeller with large open vanes designed to avoid blockages”.

Mounted in a sturdy powder-coated steel roll frame with anti-vibration mounting for easy transportation, Davey Water Movers are built from corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium for longer life. Available with a Honda four-stroke petrol engine or Yanmar diesel engine with either a hand (recoil) start or electric start option for greater convenience.

Firefighter® Pumps
Davey high pressure Firefighter® pumps can be used for wash-down applications as their high pressure jet of water can easily clear away dirt and debris. They are available in models from 5.5hp to 13hp.

Mr. Storey says, “Davey Firefighter® pumps have superior gritty water handling ability, superior suction lift, better self priming ability and a longer pump and engine life with their patented castellated neck ring and clamped impeller design”.

Drainage Pumps
Davey offers a range of robust, high quality dewatering models to help move water from flooded building basements, underground car parks and the like. Designed to pump dirty water, their open impeller, centrifugal design, means less chance of blockage, and soft solids in suspension can be pumped with ease.

Shallow Well Pumps
Davey Shallow Well pumps are ideal for pumping water from rivers and streams from water levels up to 7.5m below the pump. “However, this has resulted in many being washed away by the recent floods” Mr. Storey says.

“Davey recognises the resilience of the people affected by the floods. Together with our network of Davey dealers we support their efforts over the coming months in the clean-up and re-building phase following these disasters,” Mrs. Dutka says.

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