Fibonacci Stone welcomes back Bedrock

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15 September 2014
Fibonacci Stone welcomes back Bedrock
Fibonacci Stone Bedrock Sample.

As Australia’s leading developer of terrazzo tiles, Fibonacci Stone has earned its reputation as the country’s premier designer, producer and supplier of unique terrazzo surfaces.

Fibonacci Stone has been able to constantly evolve and reinvigorate its range via collaborations and customisation of products with partners that work at the cutting-edge of the design industry.

This is perfectly exemplified by the re-introduction of Bedrock terrazzo tiles.

Bedrock has a strong, natural tonal palette and makes it an excellent choice for interior spaces where durability with a natural aesthetic is paramount.

As the only terrazzo tile supplier to achieve a 100 per cent Green Star rating, Fibonacci Stone’s Bedrock Terrazzo tiles provide a flooring solution that addresses a wide range of aesthetic and budget requirements.

Fibonacci Stone’s Bedrock Terrazzo tiles are purpose-made to provide flexible and reliable hard surface solutions that meet a wide range of functional and aesthetic requirements.

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Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tiles offer extreme durability, environmental sustainability, ease of maintenance, high level of stock on hand coupled with the ability to offer custom colours and tile sizes for specialist projects.

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