Farewell one product, welcome another

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26 November 2015
Farewell one product, welcome another
Discontinued – lifestyle decking.

Exciting times at Woodform Architectural – it's now taking orders for a product it thinks is going to change the way ​a​rchitects and ​d​esigners view interior and exterior lining systems. Its ​n​ew ​a​luminium ​t​imber v​eneer product not only enjoys the benefit of longer seamless lengths, ​but a​rchitects now have the choice of a variety of species and finishes to choose from. Plus, it also measures up to Australian ​f​ire ​r​ating ​standards, unlike some of the aluminium and timber composite products currently featuring in the news.

As a result of Woodform's focus on walls and ceilings, it was decided to discontinue offering ​l​ifestyle ​d​ecking, natural hardwood decking system from 1 January 2016. Existing orders will be delivered; however, new orders will no longer be taken. While ​l​ifestyle ​d​ecking had been a great addition to the Woodform product family, Woodform recognise there are other companies that specialize in decking products and are better placed to deal with repairability issues as they arise.

Woodform is well known in the industry for its quality modular architectural lining systems, and we look forward to working with our customers to give them ​f​reedom of ​expression by providing the tools and systems to inspire and empower designers to realise their creative vision. ​

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