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11 November 2012
Simon Dorries, from EWPAA, with Dean Brackell and Martin Lewis from the FIAA.

A new product awareness campaign that delivers a ‘peace of mind’ message to wood suppliers and consumers on the safety of Australasian plywood and panel products was launched at the industry development conference in Canberra.

Cornerstone of the campaign is an adhesive label – a ‘green tick’ – that guarantees these products and furniture manufactured from them meet Australian and New Zealand standards and are tested to have formaldehyde levels below those required by health authorities.

The campaign, initiated by the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia and supported by the Furniture Industry Association of Australia (FIAA), will distribute more than 100,000 labels to EWPAA members and furniture and kitchen manufacturers.

The labels promote the safety of EWPAA member products that are tested to emission standards of Super E0, E0 and E01. About 5000 of the labels will be attached to products manufactured by FIAA members.

The campaign has spread to New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji where EWPAA members are distributing the labels to furniture and wood panel manufacturers and enclosing them in packs in their own product distribution chain.

A major aim of the EWPAA green ticket campaign is to provide consumer confidence that products manufactured by EWPAA members are tested to meet all standards for formaldehyde emissions.

Mr Dorries and FIAA president Ron Scott were at the Canberra conference to join a panel of speakers in a session focusing on competition in Asian markets.

“Wooden and upholstered furniture continue to be the industry class hardest hit by imports some of which fail emission standards,” Mr Scott said.

“More than half of all furniture imports originate from China; they mostly impact on the retail sector where about two-thirds of furniture turnover is imported.”

Mr Dorries said connecting with wood consumers was no longer purely about product distribution; it was about branding and consumer awareness – and building a product’s credibility.

EWPAA’s on-going testing is exposing emission levels up to 10 times above Australian standards and exposing massive discrepancies in product claims.

“There is a thorough code of standards in Australia for wood panels in specific applications,” Mr Dorries said.

“These requirements take into account not only the durability and safety of a product, but also its use under Australian conditions.”

Mr Scott said the furniture industry would gain new strength by partnering EWPAA on consumer awareness.

“The campaign will help the Australian furniture industry promote the security, quality, design and style of its products and guarantee the environmental, sustainable and health benefits.”

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