Everbright polycarbonate panels light up new Hobart pier

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22 April 2015
Everbright translucent polycarbonate panels were used on the floating Brooke Street waterfront pier unveiled in Hobart.

Translucent polycarbonate E610 panels made by Everbright Roofing Systems were used to construct the walls and roof of the floating Brooke Street pier which was recently unveiled on Hobart's waterfront.

The panels covered a total of 2,332 square metres of the building, with the entire roof and all of the walls constructed using Everbright's polycarbonate product.

The translucent cladding of the upper building will act as a conservatory by creating a passively heated indoor environment, which makes the building glow at night. This three-storey floating pier will house three restaurants and shops, and will be used as a ferry terminal by the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).

The client was looking for a product with superior panel strength, a long life span, superior thermal/acoustic performance, fire performance characteristics and a self cleaning feature. Another important consideration for the ferry terminal was that the superstructure needed to be a modern interpretation of the old wharf.

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