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22 April 2015
Everbright translucent polycarbonate panels were used to create this atrium barrel vault roof structure at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

Translucent polycarbonate E610 panels made by Everbright Roofing Systems were recently used to construct an atrium barrel vault roof structure at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital.

The polycarbonate product was extruded and supplied in 8 m curved panels and in 600 mm configurations. The colour of the panels in this design were clear, which allowed 73 percent of light transmissions through.

Everbright panels simply clip together and the product only requires to be joined every 600mm, which makes the installation process rapid. Everbright E610 free spanned 7.7m, incorporating locking system LS2.5. Locking system LS2.5 simply means there are five aluminium locking bars required out of every six chambers.

The translucent atrium total area was 240 square metres, consisting of a panel length of 8 m x 30 m. The installation time on this project was two days, with four men available on site.

The design brief for this development was for an elegant looking translucent system that would utilize all the natural light available, and provide a striking architectural feature with clear unsupported spans. Other practical requirements included fire proof qualities as well as strength and durability.

Everbright's polycarbonate system gives a seamless and continuous line, with no steel frame work spoiling the visual effect. E610 Integral locking bars hide the aspect of where a panel starts and where it finishes, so it becomes a continuous system giving a uniformed and conformed design feature. Our system only needs to be secured with washer and screw fixings provided to both the lower and higher end of the panels, and all the joints are self sealing once the integral locking bar is fitted. Other systems would necessitate the need for a framed grid work support system across the entire roof.

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