Environmental benefits of using carpets of Antron® fiber

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6 November 2009

Carpets of Antron® fiber can have up to 38 percent lower energy consumption and 42 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions (expressed as CO2 equivalents) than the majority of North American competitive commercial carpets, according to combined life cycle analyses (LCAs) and performance testing results. The results reflect the eco-profiles of INVISTA’s manufacturing processes in North America for Antron® carpet fiber and the length of time these products perform during their first life, which INVISTA defines as the time period from when a new carpet is installed until it needs to be removed due to unacceptable appearance and/or performance.

“Antron® carpet fiber has long been known as one of the best-performing carpet fibers on the market, and a study of performance data undertaken in North America combined with a life cycle analysis performed in North America shows that long-term performance can result in environmental benefits by reducing the need for replacement product and additional product manufacturing,” said Hyun Byung Lee, Vice President, Performance Surfaces & Materials, Asia Pacific for INVISTA.

Lee continued, “We believe that sustainability begins with products that last, and this approach that combines INVISTA’s cradle-to-gate LCA with carpet fiber performance data, will show customers that products with a longer first life can have a reduced environmental impact.”

The data was derived from real-world testing of carpets made with Antron® fiber versus competitive commercial carpets available in North America. These test results were then combined with an eco-profile of INVISTA’s North American manufacturing processes developed by Boustead Consulting & Associates Ltd., a recognized leader and third-party expert in environmental life cycle evaluations based in North America. The eco-profile was developed in accordance with the ISO 14040 standard for conducting life-cycle analyses. The results demonstrate that, in the North American market, carpets made with Antron® fiber can last up to 75 percent longer than the majority of other commercial carpets, and using long-lasting products can result in environmental benefits such as reduced energy consumption and emissions as well as minimized waste due to fewer replacements.

According to Bernard R. Yaros, vice president of Boustead Consulting & Associates Ltd., “INVISTA should be proud of the environmental leadership it is taking in the flooring industry. Pursuing a complex third party LCA audit like this in order to substantiate its environmental claims prior to them going to market is something a lot of companies don’t do, and it should be applauded.”

Combining an LCA with first-life performance data for its products is only one example of the initiatives INVISTA is pursuing on its journey to deliver long-term value to society while pursuing environmental excellence. Recently, the company announced two new fiber options with renewable or pre- and post-consumer recycled content to the North American commercial market: An Antron® branded carpet fiber that is the first dyeable carpet fiber with bio-based content designed specifically for commercial market applications, and Antron Lumena® solution dyed nylon with 25 percent pre- and post-consumer recycled content will be available shortly.

“At INVISTA, a firm commitment to resource stewardship, waste elimination, and environmental protection is central to our culture. So, integrating environmental stewardship into our business’s goals and activities is a priority”, said Dan Stone, president, INVISTA Performance Surfaces and Materials. “It is INVISTA Performance Surfaces and Materials’ commitment to our customers, our employees and our communities that we will pursue initiatives to support these efforts in four key areas: Enduring Materials, Sustainable Performance, Responsible Manufacturing, and Corporate Citizenship.”

About Antron® carpet fiber Antron® carpet fiber is made with type 6,6 nylon polymer and advanced fiber engineering. Carpet of Antron® nylon has DuraTech® soil resistant treatment applied, a durable soil release product that is patented and an integral part of the Antron® nylon brand package. Carpet of Antron® nylon is evaluated using the Antron® Performance Standards Program, one of the industry’s highest set of standards for carpet performance. For more information on Antron® carpet fiber, please call [insert local number} or visit antron.net.

About INVISTA INVISTA is one of the world’s largest integrated producers of polymers and fibers, primarily for nylon, spandex and polyester applications. With a business presence in over 20 countries, INVISTA’s global businesses deliver exceptional value for their customers through technology innovations, market insights and a powerful portfolio of global trademarks including: ADI-PURE®, ANTRON®, AVORA®, C12™, COMFOREL®, COOLMAX®, CORDURA®, CORFREE®, DACRON®, DBE®, DYTEK®, FRESHFX™, LYCRA®, PERFORMA™, POLARGUARD®, POLYSHIELD®, POLYCLEAR®, SOLARMAX®, STAINMASTER®, SUPPLEX®, SUPRIVA®, TACTEL®, TACTESSE®, TERATE®, TERATHANE® and THERMOLITE®. For more information, visit www.INVISTA.com.

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