Energy Star heat reflective paint – CodeMark™ certified

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25 March 2010
Energy Star heat reflective paint – CodeMark™ certified

Good news for certifiers across Australia: Astec Paints is pleased to introduce the first and only range of heat-reflective coatings certified by the Building Code of Australia under Section J–Energy Efficiency.

All aspects of the Energy Star paint range, including solar absorptance and emmissivity figures, have been tested and approved by the Building Codes of Australia.

The use of energy-efficient coatings with CodeMark™ can help to resolve many typical industry issues, including:

  • Eliminating the need for bulk insulation where space is at a premium, e.g. tilt-up construction
  • Cost saving at construction phase by removing duplication of effort
  • Ongoing cost savings for the structure in energy bills

The products' proven performance has allowed Energy Star to achieve legislated product acceptance by building control authorities, and the most accreditations and highest certifications of any Heat Reflective Paint.

Let CodeMark™ speak for itself. Certifiers across Australia can now safely and confidently rely on Energy Star.

More information about the Energy Star range, which has products suitable for all surfaces in a range of colours can be found online, or you can simply contact Astec Paints by phone.

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