ElectroRhino in Taronga Zoo's Wild! Rhinos conservation program

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22 November 2013
ElectroRhino in Taronga Zoo's Wild! Rhinos conservation program
ElectroRhino is meeting today’s technology as art.

Taronga Conservation Society Australia in collaboration with Taronga Zoo have shortlisted an ‘ElectroRhino’ sculpture concept in their Wild! Rhinos artists conservation program.

In an effort to raise awareness and valuable funds for Taronga’s world leading Black Rhino breeding program and in-situ conservation projects, Taronga Zoo has launched a community art project where Australian artists submit designs of rhino sculptures, that are set to be painted and decorated for public exhibition. The Wild! Rhinos trail will take over the streets of Sydney and greater NSW from February 2 to April 28, 2014 with the life-sized sculptures being auctioned off to raise funds.

Jane Tuinstra, Kennovations’ intern submitted her interpretation of the rhino in today’s world. Her design reveals a black carbon fibre rhino lined with neon lighting to give a modern, electro feel. “ElectroRhino is meeting today’s technology as art,” Jane states. “The LED technology will be applied for illumination at tonight, which would be perfectly displayed where there’s a lot of night life.”

Jane is an industrial product design student from the Netherlands, who is currently on an exchange program in Australia as part of her tertiary studies. “I designed public art at a primary school back home and am accustomed to designing art pieces that prevent graffiti. The carbon material for the skin not only serves this purpose, but also represents the toughness and strength of the rhino.”

Design modelling and material sourcing will commence soon, bringing ElectroRhino to life along with another 55 other sculptures that will be on the Taronga Wild! Rhinos sculpture trail next year.

For more information on Taronga Wild! Rhinos visit http://taronga.org.au/wild-rhinos.

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