Education revolution includes Davey systems for schools

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17 March 2011
Education revolution includes Davey systems for schools
The system at Glossop PS has two 22,000 litre tanks, Davey VM pump and RainBank Pro control system.

The Commonwealth Government’s $42 billion commitment to Building the Education Revolution (BER) program is funding a diverse range of capital works projects for school facilities around Australia.

Major projects are creating new facilities for schools, whilst minor capital works with an environmental focus such as the installation of rainwater tanks are underway. The rainwater tanks will enable schools’ amenity blocks to use harvested rainwater for toilet flushing rather than municipal water supplies.

Glossop Primary School in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia near Renmark has recently installed their rainwater harvesting project employing BER funding to supply water for their 90 pupils.

Rainwater is harvested from the school building roof and stored in two 22,000 litre (5000 gallon) capacity tanks.

The water is filtered and then pressurised using a Davey RainBank PRO pump system which was selected as it seamlessly selects rainwater when there is sufficient water in the tank and switches to back up mains water supply when there isn’t. The power of the Davey RainBank PRO pump will also permit future expansion for watering the gardens surrounding the school. Provision has been made in the design of the pumping system for this purpose.

“Skid mounted by Davey as a ready to install pumping system made it an ideal choice”, notes project contractor Kim Bennett of Bennet Builders of Renmark.

“Our local plumber found the entire pumping and filtration system fitted together with ease and the whole water supply project was up and running very quickly”, Kim says.

The system’s hydraulic design was undertaken by Andrew Williams from the Adelaide office of Lucid Consulting Engineers. “We designed the water harvesting and delivery system as a simple, straightforward and easy to install pumped supply, drawing on the water held in the two tanks which harvest the rain water.” Andrew says.

Glossop Primary School principal Sue Andrew said she is delighted with the results.

“We’ve received a couple of heavy downpours recently which have topped up our two tanks so we should always have sufficient rainwater available for all our toilet flushing and even garden watering needs.”

Similar rainwater systems are proposed for at least two other school facilities in the local Murray Mallee region of South Australia as well as elsewhere around Australia as part of the Commonwealth’s BER program.

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