EcoFitness™ recycled rubber flooring by irubber

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13 May 2011
EcoFitness™ recycled rubber flooring by irubber

EcoFitness™ is made from recycled rubber tyres and designed for sports and fitness flooring as well as other interior applications. Easy to maintain, slip resistant, fire resistant, Ecofitness™ provides excellent traction, cushioning and sound absorption. In 9.5mm thickness, the rolls come in 7.5m x 1.2m wide and 15m x 1.2m wide for permanent and secure installation.

Ecofitness™ is also available in interlocking tiles. The unique tab design provides a virtually hidden seam while holding securely without the need of adhesives or tape. These tiles are great for people renting or those want to use it temporarily in a place such as their garage. Sizes 72cm x 72cm x 9.5mm.

Ecofitness™ is high quality recycled rubber made in the US, with the rubber highly compressed and less subject to delamination. With a polyurethane sealer the rubber will be impervious to liquid. Weigh is about 8.5kg/m2.

Ecofitness™ has been certified in the US to be a low emitting material. Some other cheaper rubber floorings using recycled tyres are not healthy, as they use strong chemicals and adhesives and can have very strong off-gassing.

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