Easy to apply Treatex Hardwax Oils from Whittle Waxes

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14 May 2014
Easy to apply Treatex Hardwax Oils from Whittle Waxes
AHJ's Barcelona Chair uses Whittle Waxes Treatex Hardwax Oils

Robert Chapman director of AHJ and award winning furniture maker has been using Whittle Waxes Treatex Hardwax Oils to finish his projects for years now. Not only is Treatex Hardwax Oil safe and easy to apply, it is non-yellowing and enhances the grains of the timber, as well as giving the timber a natural look and feel.

Architectural Hardwood Joinery (AHJ) is a specialist manufacturer of windows, doors and specialty products, focused on supplying the Australian residential and commercial building industry with unique, contemporary construction joinery, made from Class 1 recycled Australian hardwoods.

Sustainable Manufacturing
Architectural Hardwood Joinery is proud of its commitment and contribution to creating a cleaner, greener environment, and has invested significant time, money and energy to develop a manufacturing facility that minimises its impact on the environment.
The entire process from the selection of raw materials through to the type of energy consumed during manufacture has been considered, making AHJ the only carbon negative, sustainable, eco-friendly joinery in NSW.

Hardwaxes are highly effective coatings that consist of natural plant oils and waxes that have been used for the protection and enhancement of timber for centuries.

Whittle Waxes supply a comprehensive range of products that are specially designed to suit any interior applications, including floors, furniture, children’s toys, bench tops, feature timber paneling or any timber surface.

Easy 2 coat application, can be rolled, painted and sprayed on. Spot repairable
High coverage rates 20 to 30m2 per litre
No grain rising or edge bonding. Will not flake, blister or peel.
Durable and easily maintained, recoat every 5 to 8 years.
Micro-porous allows the timber to breathe.

Whittle Waxes

Whittle Waxes is among the first Australian companies dedicated to promoting premium natural oils and waxes for the protection and enhancement of all timber surfaces. We are committed to providing the best timber care and protection.

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