E610 used for canopies and walls at Heathmont Sports Pavillion

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6 September 2012
E610 used for canopies and walls at Heathmont Sports Pavillion

Everbright E610 Opal was used recently at Heathmont Sports Pavilion Heathmont Melbourne VIC. This development incorporated 2 x large Everbright translucent canopies and 3 x vertical translucent walls.

  • Canopy one: This canopy was a large triangle shaped viewing area. The triangle shape canopy tapered down from 13.5 mtr achieving the desired look with this unusually roof layout. The Everbright panels incorporated locking system LS2.2.

  • Canopy two: This canopy was a standard flat mono pitched roof spanning 3.5 mtr and designed to fully utilize the Everbright product, with our locking system LS2.1.

The panels were set at a 5 degree pitch. See design loads, which shows you in more detail the different locking systems available. Total project size 190sqm. The triangle canopy (130 sqm), flat canopy (32 sqm) and vertical walls (28 sqm). Installation time for this project was three days for all three areas and there was three tradesmen available on site to do the associated works.

The design brief for this development was for a modern looking translucent product, that could minimize structural requirements and have a long life span. The client's specifications were for a product that was self cleaning, impact resistance, had superior thermal and acoustic performance characteristics providing shade & shelter for this pavilion. Another key factor was for a product that was rapid to construct.

The Everbright E610's increased free span capabilities, made our polycarbonate system an excellent choice for this project giving the desired effect, as it is one of the strongest translucent materials available in the world today. For developments of this nature Everbright additional benefit, is that in the unlikely event of persons climbing on the roof or even falling from a substantial height, our polycarbonate system will not break or the joints separate.

Our premiere product enhanced this development with its clean modern look and provided a comfortable environment for members using this facility. Our 74 mm polycarbonate system gives a unique visual appearance and modern uniformed look making use of all the natural light available. Opal was the colour selected due to a 65% percent light transmission for visible light.

Our polycarbonate system gives a seamless and continuous line, with no steel frame work spoiling the visual effect. E610 Integral locking bars hide the aspect of where a panel starts and where it finishes, so it becomes a continuous system giving a uniformed and conformed design feature. Creating an architectural flare, that isn't possible with any other polycarbonate system available on the market. Our system only needs to be secured with washer and screw fixings provided to both the lower and higher end of the panels, all the joints are self sealing once the integral locking bar is fitted. Other systems would necessitate the need for a framed grid work support system across the entire roof.

Everbright E610 polycarbonate panels incorporate as standard detailing an excellent safety factor. All loading criteria are based on 0.75 kN/sqm and a 50% safety factor as part of a standard specification detailing.

The installation process is very rapid and simple with our polycarbonate system. We can also advise that there was a significant cost saving on the structure requirements on this project.

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