Dynamic oriental theme illuminated by backlit printed panels

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29 June 2015
Dynamic oriental theme illuminated by backlit printed panels
The Lucky Dragon greets you at the top of the escalator, the main entrance from the street. Photography © JadaArt.

SUPAWOOD’S SUPAEXPANCE Printed taut ceiling panels generate a captivating impact when entering the newly renovated first floor of the City of Sydney RSL in George Street Sydney.

The client’s brief for the designers, Innersphere, was to integrate an oriental theme throughout this floor for the club’s Dragons Fortune Bar. Due to the narrow nature of the RSL’s building the interior also required extra lighting throughout.

The use of SUPAEXPANCE Printed backlit panels placed in strategic positions enabled the designers to not only improve the lighting and further enhance the desired theme but create a dynamic wow factor to lure patrons.

The designers commissioned a local artist to create 2 paintings to use on the printed panels. SUPWOOD had the paintings photographed professionally in high resolution to ensure the images would not loose detail when enlarged. The images were then digitally printed to size onto the SUPAEXPANCE membrane material and installed in position with backlighting to illuminate the designs.

The largest of these panels is the good fortune dragon which greets patrons when they arrive at the top of the escalator. The large dragon, rendered in a circular design, is on a round panel which curves around the end of a glass wall and into the bar area.The other entry is via the lifts where you are greeted by a flock of flying geese on a half circle. The third panel is also geese in flight and illuminates the main bar area above glass doors out onto a balcony.

This project is an example of how SUPAEXPANCE Printed backlit taut ceilings can make unique features possible to bring an interior to life. SUPAEXPANCE is a dynamic product which guarantees to intrigue patrons and encourage them to stay longer, spend more and convey their experience to others.

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