Dural Music soundproofs between studios

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27 June 2012
Dural Music soundproofs between studios
12 teaching studios soundproofed from each other.

Dural Music Centre has used Wavebar from Pyrotek Noise Control as part of its wall system to acoustically isolate its twelve teaching studios from each other so thoroughly that lessons can be conducted without one disturbing the other. According to proprietor Lucas Barrett, “If you asked me how I would rate out of ten the importance of Wavebar soundproofing to the success of our business, I would give it a 10. We have had a twenty piece big band playing in Studio 7, our large rehearsal studio, without unduly interfering with a violin lesson two studios away on the same side and a guitar lesson across the corridor.”

Wavebar flexible noise barrier is the easiest and most effective means to reduce noise through walls, floors and ceilings, in buildings, automobiles, trucks, boats and ships. Wavebar provides ideal performance in muffling explosions and reduces environmental noise from jack-hammers, drilling rigs and pile drivers, even in open cut and tunnel mining operations. Wavebar is a specially engineered material consisting of a mineral-loaded polymer supported by a reinforcing fabric.

The limp, flexible nature of Wavebar, combined with its high mass, provides a resonance-free barrier to both low and high frequency noise. The internal damping characteristics of Wavebar make it especially suited to use in stiff structures where coincidence and resonance effects are a concern.

This is the second Wavebar installation Lucas has undertaken successfully himself. The first some four years ago was to the seven teaching studios he then had upstairs above his shop. When premises next door became available, he moved the shop there and added five more 2.4 metre square studios downstairs, again turning to Wavebar for intra-studio soundproofing based on his complete satisfaction with the way it had been performing in the original facility.

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