Durability testing for luminaires

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16 June 2016
Durability testing for luminaires
WE-EF operates an in- house, TDAP-certified (Test Data Acceptance Programme) test lab at its Bispingen location in Germany.

Luminaires from WE-EF are designed to provide optimal performance in public spaces over the course of many years, even in tough environmental conditions. Quality and reliability therefore take top priority in the development process. In order to ensure compliance with the applicable standards and regulations, WE-EF operates an in- house, TDAP-certified (Test Data Acceptance Programme) test lab at its Bispingen location.

The modern extension, opened by WE-EF in March 2014 in Bispingen, is the plant's in-house test laboratory where the manufacturer's products undergo rigorous durability testing. Typical stresses and loads that the luminaires face in the course of their service life are applied multiple times over, so that users can rely absolutely on the reliability and durability of WE-EF's products.

Test Engineer Anh-Tuan Do and his lab team first conduct the obligatory electrical tests to ensure compliance with applicable standards. These are followed by further tests, for example on the IP rating of the luminaires. In this test process, the housing is sprayed with a water jet from all sides under defined conditions and then inspected for moisture ingress. A special dust chamber is used to test the dust-tightness of the housing. Comprehensive thermal tests are performed in a climate chamber. Raw force is then applied to test whether the luminaires are tamper-proof and protected against vandalism, and whether the lenses are break-proof.

The advantage of TDAP certification at the WE-EF test lab is that the measured results are also accepted when the VDE approval mark is issued. The test procedure – and therefore the entire product development process – becomes faster, more effective and more flexible, to the benefit of WE-EF's customers. WE-EF employees not only have the expected specialist knowledge about the products, they also have the required technical testing knowledge and the relevant standard-based competencies as per IEC 60598-1:2014, Paragraph 9 and 12.

The equipment in the lab, which includes calibrated test and measurement instruments, makes it possible to conduct the necessary tests and document them appropriately. A long-term, rotational-like procedure ensures that specialist knowledge and expertise is maintained through regular training and that the quality of the equipment remains consistently high.


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