Dual sliding roof system turns a room into a courtyard

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20 March 2014
Dual sliding roof system turns a room into a courtyard

A versatile dual sliding roof system recently installed in Mosman has enabled the impressive transformation of a room into an open courtyard.

Mosman, which is known for its trendy cafes, Sydney Harbour water views, and close proximity to the CBD, now features a five bedroom home on a private street with an operable roof system that is both stylish and functional.

The client’s desire for an innovative way to utilize the courtyard as an inside/outside room drew him towards the design and functionality of an operable roof system with a dual sliding roof, whereby his courtyard could be transformed into fully indoor or open air.

Kennovations was commissioned to design, engineer and manufacture an operable roof system with two structures comprising of a ceiling and glass roof. The ceiling provides a complete enclosure to form an indoor finish. When sunlight is required, the ceiling slides back, allowing natural light and warmth in to the courtyard and offering rain and wind protection. With the glass roof completely open, the 4.5 × 5.8 m courtyard is again re-established as open air.

The operable roof system is made of steel and laminated glass, with the overall structure spanning 6 × 6 m. It is mechanically operated by a fixed switch, with a remote control available as an additional option. Should the roof be left open, a sensor detects rainfall and closes the glass roof automatically. However control is always with the operator who can stop and start the roof at any position to suit the required ambience.

During the development phase, the roof was incorporated to the architectural design to allow for appropriate structural loads. Hence, Kennovations undertook design engineering to detail the geometry, loads, functionality, and aesthetics to ensure the roof satisfied the client's brief.

To complement the elegant design of the operable roof, a custom glass awning made of 3.7 × 2.5 m toughened laminated glass suspended by two stainless steel arms was installed and provides cover for residents and their guests at the entrance of the house.

The custom glass awning was supplied by Aluminum and Glass Constructions. The stainless steel arms of the awning form a critical part of the structure by "sandwiching" the glass that is supported underneath by flat bar and drilled-in fixings.

The structural members extend in to the house hidden behind the building fascia that supports the awning system, taking the force of the weight. Due to the 250 kg weight of the glass a panel lifter with suction caps was required to lift the the glass from underneath onto the structural steel members during installation.

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