DMF collaborates with Dortek Ltd

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24 February 2012
DMF collaborates with Dortek Ltd

DMF International Pty Ltd proudly announces their co-operation with Dortek Ltd, supplying the hygienic GRP swing type doors throughout Australia. These doors are designed for pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals and health, food processing and kitchens, clinics and laboratories.

Standards of hygiene are becoming increasingly tighter in the pharmaceutical sector, and GMP requires a smooth, non porous and ledge free design. In the food industry, doors must be easy to clean, and have a smooth, non absorbent surface. Hospital doors must exhibit hygienic standards in wards and operating theatres, and supply kitchens throughout the building.

The Dortek GRP (glass reinforced polyester) doors have many benefits over lined timber doors or stainless steel doors, and features include:

  • Seamless moulded construction, containing no joints or straight ledges
  • Very easy to clean, and material will not accommodate any forms of dangerous bacteria.
  • Lightweight, durable and maintenance free.
  • Water resistant, meaning no warping, swell or rust issues.
  • Built in colour finish, with many colours to select from
  • Option of fire resistance up to 4 hours, with patented concealed intumescent strip.

Many clients around the globe including Wyeth, GSK, Novartis, MSD, major hospitals and clinics, the DMF Dortek doors are well proven, with Dortek having over 40 years experience.

Please contact DMF for more information, or for a brochure on these specialist doors. For any of our other products such as flexible PVC, Visiflex strip doors, Swingflex PVC doors, or High Speed Rapid Auto-Roll doors, contact DMF on (02) 9636 5466 or visit our site

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