Diggers club slippery tiled ramp issue solved by Safe Grip

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15 April 2015
Diggers club slippery tiled ramp issue solved by Safe Grip
Ramp and landing area with anti slip strips.

The floor safety review of this very well maintained Returned Services Leagues (RSL) club has highlighted some areas where potential slip and fall issue may arise. Pro-active management has engaged Global Safe Technologies to assess the situation and recommend approperiate sustainable solution.

One of the area that was identified was an extrenal tiled entrance section which consists of 2 landings and a sloping ramp. The slip resistance of the tiles that were originally laid has been reduced and management was looking for a longer term and cost effective slip resistive solution which will ensure compliance for several years.

Global Safe’s floor safety representative after attending the site has suggested to employ the Safe Grip Ultimate product as anti slip strips with a maximum of 100 mm gap between strips. The gap between the strips is based on the recommendation of the findings of a study by the Victoria University, titled The Effect of a Slip-Resistant Floor Treatment (“Anti-Slip Strip”) When Walking on an Oil Contaminated Surface with Two Types of Shoe. This product has been used sucessfully in several countries and provides a sustainable Pendulum Class V slip resistance.

Product sample and other relevant information was presented to club management.

The recommendation was accepted and the Global Safe team has carried out the work.

The project was completed within the specified constraints and the surface has beeen independently tested by a NATA accredited slip resistance company, Safe Environments. The mean average test result using the Wet Pendulum testing, was BPN 70, which provides a very high Pendulum Class V classification and full compliance.

Global Safe and its accredited applicators are the only floor safety providers on the market offering and independent slip resistance testing as part of of any commercial project.

Feedback from club management is excellent. They indicated their total satisfaction with the quality of the workmanship and the professionalism and decication of the application team during the entire project.

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