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10 September 2013

Introduce people to beautifully crafted timber furniture or a stunningly constructed timber featured room and the reaction is overwhelming. Hands reach out to touch and stroke the smooth textured wood surface and the room evokes warmth and comfort that soothes the soul.

Mankind has long used this ancient natural sustainable product to create both the basic necessities of life and use the texture and form of wood to express arts and cultures in beautifully crafted pieces.

MAXI Plywood specialise not only in strong and durable construction/manufacturing plywood but we have sourced plywood varieties such as Russian Birch ply and Hoop Pine Ply that have beautiful clean structured surfaces that are eminently suited to the demands of artisans, designers and craftsmen who only demand the best.

The natural grain and texture of wood is enhanced in the pure colour of MAXI Plywood Russian Birch, Hoop Pine Ply and other quality plywoods such as ecologically clean PureBond Rock Maple. The elegant strength and line of these quality Plywood products have inspired joiners and craftsmen in the creation of beautiful plywood furniture and wall features.

MAXI Plywood assist craftsmen to maximise the aesthetic qualities of Plywood by offering an in house cutting service to design and create a variety of beautifully perforated Russian Birch and Hoop Pine Plywood Panels. Enter any public building designed to impress or for the enjoyment of the Arts, and you will find in most cases the walls, ceilings and feature staircases showcase visually stunning perforated patterned Plywood paneling providing both a visual spectacle and a practical acoustic benefit. Today, public buildings, private dwellings and outdoor living spaces utilise the aesthetic and practical qualities of crafted Plywood products to create an ecological purity to the family home.

MAXI Plywood - artistry with Russian Birch and Hoop Pine.

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