Design strength in new Balsa panels – now available

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15 May 2014
Design strength in new Balsa panels – now available
Eco safe and lightweight joinery and decor alternative – Balsa Panels from MAXI Plywood.

MAXI Plywood is now a supplier of new Ultralite Balsa Panels to discerning designers and craftsmen.

These lightweight Balsa panels are the ideal tool for creative oversize projects. The call for ridged strength and out of the ordinary thickness from 40 mm to approx. 100 mm for point of difference design projects is answered with Ultralite Balsa Panels.

The panels consist of a balsa core which is strengthened with a selection of MDF or Hardwood Veneers and Laminate outer surfaces.
Minimal weight but added strength and durability make these Eco friendly panels an excellent choice for complex, time constrained and versatile design projects.

Easy to work with and transport, Ultralite Balsa Panels from MAXI Plywood deserve your attention today.

Phone our friendly sales team for pricing and samples.

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