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22 February 2010

Timber bi-fold windows and doors have long been a popular look for restaurants and cafes, adding a warm, indoor-outdoor feel to the space. However, issues of maintenance, fading and dimensional stability have hindered their longevity.

DecoWood™ wood grain finish on aluminium bi-fold windows and doors has been used effectively in restaurants in New South Wales and Victoria.

Wet Paint in Bronte, Sydney used a deep Chestnut finish for their windows and doors for a finish so effective that it got a mention in a recent food review.

Being by the ocean, a marine grade finish was required, and the darker finish added to the warm feel of the restaurant.

Epping Plaza in Melbourne recently opened its food hall, Hunter and Gatherer, which also housed cafes to complete the experience. The Casuarina finish was used throughout the building, including effective bi-fold windows and doors for the cafes and fruit and vegetable stores.

Bombora Seafood Restaurant in Wollongong, New South Wales (image above) sits directly above Wollongong Harbour and features DecoWood™ Bush Cherry bi-fold windows that open out to pristine views of the ocean.

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