DecoWood timber-look aluminium provides the finishing touch

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11 July 2011
DecoWood timber-look aluminium provides the finishing touch

Decorative Imaging launched its exciting new DecoWood colours and textures at DesignEX in April. Designers were invited to view the new timber look aluminium finishes in various applications, on display for the first time.   "We receive many enquiries for new wood grain finishes, especially lighter and darker colours. Our new colour range has been developed with our customers to meet their needs for different decorating schemes," said Director Ross Doonan.   There are now fourteen timber grain patterns in the DecoWood range, and all are available in four different textures for different applications:

  • Smooth: features excellent chemical resistance, making it suitable for public projects where graffiti may be an issue. Spray paint and marker pen can be easily removed using household chemicals without affecting the DecoWood finish.
  • Natural: a fine textured finish, it has the warmth and feel of natural timber. This is our most popular texture, used on windows, doors, fences, gates, privacy screens, shutters, cladding and more.
  • Super Texture: a slightly thicker and rougher surface, for those who prefer the rustic timber look and feel.
  • Non-Slip: this powder coating contains 15 per cent rubber, making it perfect for use on DecoDeck, Decorative Imaging’s aluminium decking system.

  With Australia’s largest range of wood grain finishes for aluminium, we are the experts in the field.

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