DecoWood™ aluminium – A recyclable timber alternative

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4 March 2010

Roughly 60 per cent of the aluminium ever produced is still in the system being used in some form. Aluminium is a highly recyclable material, making DecoWood™ a beautiful and sustainable alternative to timber.

DecoWood™ aluminium is easy to recycle, including offcuts, and requires very little energy to do so. While timber products produce many more offcuts in production, they are also difficult to recycle, either being burned and creating more carbon dioxide, or dumped into landfill.

DecoWood™ wood-grain finish on aluminium is a durable marine-grade powder coating with a ten-year warranty. It has been tested in extreme exposure conditions to ensure its durability in the face of sun exposure and salt spray. Therefore, aluminium places less stress on the earth’s resources, as it requires less frequent replacement than timber.

Decorative Imaging Pty Ltd takes a whole-of-company approach to environmental sustainability, using low-emission natural gas and fully recycling materials used in the manufacturing process.

DecoWood™ is the leading wood-grain finish on aluminium in Australia.

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