DecoRoccia marble wall panels

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30 January 2012
DecoRoccia marble wall panels

Lighter, more affordable and easier to install than real marble, DecoRoccia uses advanced photo imaging technology to precisely replicate the look and feel of marble and granite on aluminium wall panels.

Suitable for commercial and residential wet area linings, DecoRoccia wall panels recreate the classic look of marble in showers, bathrooms and kitchens that is particularly popular with hotels and resorts.

High resolution photographs of marble are used to create the realistic appearance of DecoRoccia. These images are sublimated into powder coated aluminium flat sheets, ensuring that the finish will not peel or rub off like laminates and other printed finishes.

DecoRoccia wall panels are available in large flat sheets up to 3600 x 1500 mm in size, or can be cut to size as required. While a number of colour finishes are available “off the shelf”, the Decorative Imaging team can also assist in finding a suitable colour or pattern match for your project.

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