DecoDeck™ solves timber decking problems

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8 June 2010

DecoDeck™ is a durable aluminium decking system with the DecoWood™ wood grain finish that provides a solution to the endless problems associated with timber decking.

Timber decks cause hassles for many reasons. They become slippery and dangerous when wet, the timber warps and weakens over time, it provides little ventilation, installation is difficult and time-consuming, and they are high maintenance.

Apart from looking great and standing strong against the elements, DecoDeck™ has a textured finish providing extra grip when wet. Installation is a breeze with the easy screw-in technology, and speaking of breezes, the slats are positioned just far enough apart to provide sufficient aeration and drainage. Best of all, DecoDeck™ is maintenance-free!

DecoDeck™ aluminium decking is available in twelve beautiful wood grain finishes, including Western Red Cedar, Casuarina and Chestnut.

DecoWood™ is Australia’s leading aluminium wood-grain finish. Visit for more information.

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