DecoDeck: lower installed cost than timber decking

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15 September 2010

DecoDeck™ is the unique aluminium decking system with the DecoWood™ wood grain finish. Beautiful, durable and sustainable, DecoDeck™ resolves many of the issues associated with timber decking, including numerous costs that may not be obvious at first. Once these hidden costs are taken into account, the cost of DecoDeck™ becomes very competitive with timber.

First, DecoDeck™ is designed for easy installation so it is possible to do it yourself, saving you money in installation. If you would prefer to have someone else to install it for you, such as a deck installer or carpenter, the simple clip and screw system will take considerably less time than timber decking, thus costing less in installation. 

Second, DecoDeck™ is delivered to you in perfectly straight 6.5-metre planks, ensuring that there is much less wastage than with timber. When making timber decking, manufacturers need to cut around knot holes and the like, meaning you can end up paying for up to 30% wastage on top of the cost of your deck.

Third, DecoDeck™ never needs painting or staining – not when it is first installed or at any time after that! This will not only save money, but also time as you will never have to sand back your DecoDeck, oil it, paint it, stain it or punch down nails in it again!
 Finally, DecoDeck™ aluminium is far more durable than timber, so it will not need to be replaced as often. Even the highest quality timber products fade and break down after just a few years in the harsh Australian environmental conditions, while DecoDeck™ is designed to handle intense UV exposure and salt spray.

DecoDeck™ is much more affordable than many “clip-in” aluminium decking products, and furthermore offers the beauty of real timber decking.

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