DecoDeck™ – known technology, new look

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8 September 2010
DecoDeck™ – known technology, new look

DecoDeck™ is the beautiful, durable and sustainable aluminium decking system with the DecoWood™ wood grain finish. DecoDeck™ looks and feels just like timber without any of the hassles.

DecoDeck™ was developed in response to the many issues associated with timber decking. High maintenance requirements, poor durability in Australian environmental conditions and difficult and expensive installation were just some of the reasons why an alternative was required.

Aluminium decking is not a new phenomenon globally or locally. For many years companies have been able to offer easy-to-install decking systems that out-perform timber alternatives in terms of durability. However, there is no other aluminium deck on the market that replicates the form of timber so precisely as DecoDeck™ does.

DecoDeck™ combines the proven strength and durability of aluminium with the tried and tested high performance DecoWood™ wood grain finish. Visit for more information.

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