DecoDeck chosen for safety in bushfire region

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11 November 2010

DecoDeck was recently used for a wrap-around deck in the Seymour region of Victoria due to its bushfire-safe credentials. DecoDeck is an aluminium decking system with the beautiful and durable DecoWood wood grain finish.

Not far from Kinglake, where bushfires tragically ripped through the Victorian countryside in 2009, the owners of the property decided to replace the existing timber decking with BAL40-approved DecoDeck as a precautionary measure.

The main threat with timber decking is that of burning ember attack. While a fire may be far from one's home, hot embers can travel significant distances and land on the deck as it usually covers a significant area around the house. Due to the flammability of timber decking, especially with years of lacquers built up on the surface, this can easily be the cause of a house being ignited and the start of secondary fires.

DecoDeck and all its components are non-combustible, which significantly reduces the threat of burning ember attack affecting your home in a bushfire. Furthermore, many members of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service have given DecoDeck their nod of approval as an appropriate product to use in bushfire-prone areas.

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