Davey Cool Pool innovation ‘an outstanding success’

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26 July 2011
Davey Cool Pool innovation ‘an outstanding success’
Australian Swimmer, Geoff Huegill with one of the two Davey Cool Pool pumping units.

The Australian swimming team headed for the forthcoming London Olympics in July-August next is already undertaking their preparatory training in Singapore.

However Swimming Australia’s initial investigation of the training pool facilities available indicated that the ambient pool water temperature in the humid local conditions would not be ideal.

Consequently Swimming Australia investigated options that would potentially reduce the ambient water temperature by up to three degrees as well as creating a more swimmer –friendly water condition.

Swimming Australia approached Davey Water Products to investigate what pool equipment options could be available to refresh the water conditions and reduce the ambient water temperature, including by aeration.

This has led to the production by Davey of two innovative Cool Pool pump systems which are already in use in Singapore after completing a testing program at the Davey headquarters in Melbourne.

They have already been declared “an outstanding success” by Swimming Australia’s National Head Coach, Leigh Nugent.

He says “we have been running them for about eighteen hours a day and they have been effective at keeping the water temperature to 28.5 degrees C.

“Without them our swimmers would be in water of 31 degrees C –effectively too hot to train in.

“Davey has supported the Australian Swimming Team significantly in its preparations for the 2011 World Championships and ultimately the London Olympics”.

Created as two self contained packages the Cool Pool units each employ a Davey Power Master 450 electric pool pump which recovers the pool water at a rate of 450 litres per minute and then distributes it across the pool surface through two Davey fire fighting nozzles.

The water drawn out of the pool is recirculated as a fine mist through the air, cooling through evaporation, before being delivered back into the pool.

“The trajectory and water surface coverage obtained of the nozzles is also adjustable in accord with the size of the pool” Davey’s production co-ordinator Robert Hodder says.

Each of the two Cool Pool units is fabricated as a self contained unit mounted on a 304 stainless steel base to give an easy means of lifting and handling.

In addition when the unit is operating a waterproof LED light strip is illuminated to show that the pump is ready for action.

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