Dalsouple rubber flooring at the new Royal Childrens’ Hospital

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28 February 2012
Dalsouple rubber flooring at the new Royal Childrens’ Hospital
Dalsouple DalTerrazzo natural rubber flooring at the new Royal Childrens’ Hospital, Melbourne.

Dalsouple DalNaturel rubber flooring has been installed at the newly opened building at the Royal Children’s' Hospital in Melbourne. The designers at Bates Smart created unusual 'boulder' shapes out of the rubber tiles in between the ceramic tiles.

The Queen officially opened the new building on her visit to Australia. The opening ceremony was held near the entrance and many officials would have sat or walked over the Dalsouple tiles.

The Terrazzo (speckled) design is unique with an apple green background, white, grey and black speckles on an R10 slip rated texture.

Dalsouple can make up flooring in almost any colour imaginable, with no minimums and no extra cost for special colours. All colours are available in over 30 textures, including walling, rubber skirting, and stair nosing. The DalNaturel formulation is made with 90% natural latex rubber and natural clay particles. This product can contribute to Green star points on Green star projects.

For the first time in 15 years, Dalsouple Australasia is now buying Dalsouple directly from the factory in France rather than through the UK. This is saving on lead times and freight costs. Small orders only take 2 weeks to manufacture and then landed in Australia within about a week with Qantas Couriers. They can ship larger orders In 6 weeks. The factory has a 123 page stock list, with most colours in smooth available up to about 60m2, and some textures in small quantities.

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