Dalsouple flooring installed at North Melbourne Railway Station

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15 June 2010
Dalsouple flooring installed at North Melbourne Railway Station

Dalsouple rubber flooring in black in the texture Omega (small domed dots) was installed in the Station Masters office and tea room and also in the 4 lift cars at the new North Melbourne Railway Station. The gloss is achieved by sealing the floor with a polyurethane polish. The floor just needs to be mopped and can be spray buffed to maintain the shiny look of the floor.

North Melbourne Railway station is a major transit station with 2 million people each year. Dalsouple rubber flooring has been installed in railway stations in Europe and numerous airports including Heathrow, Manchester, Charles De Gaulle, and Tahiti.

Most people think rubber flooring is recycled rubber but with DalNaturel you have the added benefit of a sustainable natural product made from the latex from the rubber tree. Dalsouple has a 10-year guarantee but expected to last at least 15 to 20 years. At the end of its life, we will take back the rubber and recycle it.

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