DalNaturel flooring at carbon neutral building in Copenhagen

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15 August 2011
DalNaturel flooring at carbon neutral building in Copenhagen
DalNaturel in DalUni smooth, colour Bleu Pale at The University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dalsouple’s DalNaturel natural rubber flooring in smooth DalUni in Bleu Pale has been installed in ‘The Green Lighthouse’ in Denmark. Green Lighthouse is Denmark's first public carbon neutral house.The building is part of the University of Copenhagen and will be used for study administration, meeting facilities and Student service in general. It was also used during the climate conference in Copenhagen in December 2009 and Kevin Rudd probably walked over the floor.

The University of Copenhagen believes it “will maintain and strengthen its position as one of the leading international universities within climate research and education.” We believe they chose Dalsouple’s natural rubber flooring for a number of reasons. One is the ability to recycle the rubber at the end of its life. Added to this it is more environmentally friendly to produce than vinyl or lino, it comes from a natural resource, it will not end up as landfill as vinyl or lino will, it’s easy to clean and the smooth solid colour was just the look they wanted.

The Green Lighthouse is presented in several ways as a beacon the future of sustainable construction. Dalsouple rubber is more expensive to start with, but long term it actually works out being cheaper. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

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