D900 LED downlight wins best new product at DesignEX

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21 April 2011
D900 LED downlight wins best new product at DesignEX

Founded in Perth in 2008, Australian LED lighting company Brightgreen, has taken home DesignEX’s prestigious Best New Product for the D900 Cube, for the second year running.

An evolutionary progression from Brightgreen’s multi award winning D900 Curve, the D900 Cube is the world’s first square beamed downlight, offering architects, builders and designers unparalleled control and efficiency.

Circular downlights are bound by the limitations of leaving dark corners in rooms. The Cube overcomes this by directing its light to follow the straight edges of a room, evenly distributing the light and leaving no corners in the dark.

Overlapping beams are a common problem of circular downlights, causing the light to be inefficient and difficult to control. Again, the Cube defeats this problem by directing light only to where it is wanted, and easily separating usage areas in open living spaces.

The Cube requires fewer lights to achieve the same lighting levels as circular downlights, making it more energy efficient and allowing lighting planning to be calculated with greater ease.

Operating at 2.8 W m2, the Cube easily complies with the Building Code of Australia’s new requirements commencing May 1st, impacting lighting designs for all new residential and commercial properties in Australia.

Brightgreen’s D900 series are the only LED downlights that match the brightness, light quality and beam width of a 50W halogen, while using only a quarter of the power and lasting fifteen times longer.

The light is also UV free has a 100% compatibility with all dimmers and has no fire risk. Brightgreen will be showcasing its lighting range at Sydney’s DesignBUILD on May 11th.


Brightgreen supplies energy-efficient LED lighting including direct lighting, indirect lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and projection lighting.

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