Custom wholesale light box signs from Arrow Alpha

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26 September 2013
Custom wholesale light box signs from Arrow Alpha

With rising fuel costs, compliance costs, carbon taxes and other input costs driving transport prices higher, country and rural based sign companies are finding it makes sense to outsource the manufacture of signage infrastructure.

Jesse Teys of Real Signs in Muswellbrook found this out recently when he ordered a new sign light box from Arrow Alpha.

“We have always made our own light boxes in the past but the cost to order the material and electrical for a single light box was the same cost as getting Arrow Alpha to make it. “With us being so busy it made sense to the get the rest of the job ready whilst the box was being made for us” Teys said.

Arrow Alpha acutely understands the requirements of sign companies in rural centres and the struggles they face. Industry knowledge is paramount to delivering quality infrastructure that performs as it should. All light boxes might look the same to the untrained eye but there is a host of performance issues involved. The design features of the Real Signs light box recently supplied by Arrow Alpha included reinforced corner stakes with guide holes pre-drilled for mounting points through the stakes for added strength and seam welded mitres and removable sections on both ends for ease of use. Ballasts and capacitors were mounted on the cabinet ends so that the poles either side could act as heat sinks and there are 4.5 mm slides for added strength under wind load.

“The install, which can be a worry when you don’t do all the work yourself, went very well. Even our electrician was happy! We at Real Signs were also very happy with the construction and build quality and will look to do the next project like this the same way” Teys said.

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