Custom slats to budget and on time… no problem!

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28 November 2014
Custom slats to budget and on time… no problem!
A standard profile slat customised to suit achieves design brief within client's budget. Photography © Blake Brockdorff – Arhishots.

The design for the refurbishment of the Food Court at Rockdale Plaza NSW involved extensive use of cedar slats for the ceilings of the malls.

The developers, City Freehold Constructions, looked to Auzoom Plaster Lining to solve the installation problem. Auzoom realized the custom elements required in the design could not be achieved with standard size panels. By choosing Supawood’s SUPASLAT panel system a custom solution was found.

Auzoom and Supawood worked together on the details of the project utilizing the cost effective and flexibile elements of SUPASLAT Western Red Cedar paneling. A detailed shop drawing layout for the ceiling areas gave the client peace of mind that all details were being taken into account.

To meet the client’s budget a standard SUPASLAT profile was chosen and the panels then customized to suit, including sections with angles, cutouts to integrate lighting and other amenities while still allowing for easy access points to services in the ceiling cavity.

These were the key reasons why Supawood won the contract as other manufacturers were limited to supplying only standard sizes. Additional to this, Supawood guaranteed the demanding lead time required.

The end result is an eye catching new mall dominated by the warmth of the timber slats flowing throughout its length and in places featured down the walls. And, a happy client who achieved exactly what they perceived well within their budget.


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