Custom artwork – Frequently asked questions

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16 August 2013
Custom artwork – Frequently asked questions
Custom size | "Memory" | 230 cm x 110 cm | original 160 cm x 120 cm.

All of the paintings for sale in our range provide you with an opportunity to have a custom work completed. We are often asked if our art for sale can be changed to suit a certain size requirement and colour requirement. As our oil paintings are all hand painted, the answer is yes!

We are able to paint for you anything from our range, which is also backed by a catalogue of artwork that has 10,000+ choices or we are able to produce something from your own design ideas. Paintings from photos are becoming more and more popular.

You don't have to be a professional, our artists can make changes such as taking out shard of light, background "rubbish" that you don't want or add in people or features that are not there (you will need to provide another photo so that we can combine them). Our artwork is only limited by your imagination.

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The KS Artery provides hand-painted canvas artworks including custom artworks, delivered stretched and ready to hang.

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