CSR™ Hebel® launches revolutionary solid masonry cladding system

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10 August 2010
CSR™ Hebel® launches revolutionary solid masonry cladding system

CSR™ Hebel® has launched PowerClad™, a revolutionary lightweight masonry wall system that is quick to install, easy to handle and enables greater control.

Hebel PowerClad has been designed for the residential market and is suited for homes built using either timber or steel framing. It can be used in new dwelling construction, second storey additions, extensions and for re-cladding.

Just one 1800mm PowerClad panel is equivalent in area to 53 bricks, which means that the installation time is very fast, taking half the time required for brick installation. In addition, it easily overcomes the issue of frame misalignment.

PowerClad panels are made from solid steel-reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete, offering the same qualities of standard masonry, but only a quarter of the weight. Paul Mooney Marketing Manager of CSR Hebel, adds, “A standard PowerClad panel weighs about 39kgs when delivered, which means two people can position it without needing cranes or mechanical lifting devices - it’s easily worked with standard tools. This also makes it ideal for second storey additions.”

The new system consists of PowerClad panels being simply glued and screwed to an adjustable channel system, which results in a flat surface for a beautiful render finish.

Paul Mooney says, “Because the system is so straightforward and easy, you can simply use existing trades to install the cladding, without having to bring in specialist teams. It’s extremely economical.”

A PowerClad panel has up to five times the thermal resistance of a standard house brick and has better thermal efficiency than even double brick walls, resulting in reduced heating and cooling costs. Further thermal efficiency can also be achieved by adding insulation to the frame cavity. In addition, PowerClad offers high acoustic insulation properties compared to polystyrene and fibre cement.

Made from non-combustible panels, PowerClad has excellent fire resistant qualities. It offers a high fire rating of up to 90 minutes, meaning you can build up to the boundary line in bushfire-prone areas. PowerClad is made of long-lasting materials that are not edible by termites or vermin.

A Good Choice

All of CSR Hebel’s products and systems have been awarded the Good Environmental Choice Australia Label (GECA). To qualify for the GECA endorsement, Hebel products and systems were assessed against the GECA 8-2005 Environmentally Innovative Products Standard. The assessment found Hebel products and systems have significantly reduced environmental loads of at least 30 per cent over their lifecycle.

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