CSR Hebel comes home with new look

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11 January 2011
CSR Hebel comes home with new look

In February CSR Hebel, will take on a new look in the market, muscling in on more traditional masonry choices for the residential home thanks to a repositioning campaign helping builders and homeowners save on construction time and costs.

‘You’ll love coming home to Hebel’ is the new catch cry from CSR’s Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (ACC) product arm, that is reasserting the value of Hebel over traditional masonry, with better resources being made available to builders and consumers, via new construction guidelines, brochures and a website as well as a major consumer multimedia advertising campaign across Australia.

Paul Mooney of CSR Hebel says: “This launch essentially represents an exciting alternative for builders and consumers who will be presented with a building system that has faster construction times, decreased site costs, improved thermal performance, acoustic benefits and is also a more sustainable building option”.

“We conducted research of over 800 consumers, which showed that when they knew about the many benefits of Hebel, we could obtain a market share of up to 30%, which is comparable with other markets around the world,” said Paul.

“Builders can benefit from this campaign by being able to offer their clients a more attractive, design flexible, comfortable, energy efficient home that is quicker and cheaper to build.”

“A major issue in Australia at the moment is the shortage of brick layers and as Hebel is installed by semi skilled trades it draws from a larger trade pool. CSR Hebel also offers Supply and Installation services through an accredited network of installers.

“On average it only takes 4 days to reach lock up stage, compared to 7-10 days for bricks, dramatically decreasing the site cost that can be around $1500 a day.

“With five times the thermal resistance of standard house brick, Hebel makes a more comfortable energy efficient home, while the excellent fire ratings also ensure peace of mind in extreme bushfire areas, easily meeting strict Australian Fire Resistance Level standards.”

“And for the environmentally conscious, home owners can be safe in the knowledge that Hebel is GECA certified to have least environmental impact and is more sustainable than traditional masonry options,” said Paul.

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