CSR Gyprock™ lead the way with the introduction of Revit® Family

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21 August 2012
CSR Gyprock™ lead the way with the introduction of Revit® Family

For architects who have embraced the Revit® drafting paradigm, CSR Gyprock™ is pleased to introduce the Gyprock plasterboard wall system Family, which is designed to increase speed of delivery and reduce costs for architects during the design and documentation process.

The introduction of the Gyprock Revit Family is an Australian plasterboard industry first and offers great benefits for architects, with improved productivity due to the easy retrieval of technically accurate system information, saving the time traditionally associated with drafting elevations and detail drawings.

Revit®, a computer driven design tool, allows users to design with both parametric 3D modeling and 2D drafting elements, with ‘Families’ being pre-set libraries comprised of intelligent 3D objects to represent real physical building components, such as fire rated wall systems.

The Family is available from CSR designLINK™ free of charge and enable designers and architects to generate building models with unprecedented levels of detail, in a timely and cost effective manner.

By simply selecting and drawing with a Gyprock Revit Family component, users can create a detailed wall system, complete with framing members, insulation and plasterboard, all sized to suit the application and detail-ready in all elevations.

The new Gyprock Revit Family also offers improved visualisation and increased co-ordination of construction documents, increasing the speed of delivery and the embedding and linking of vital information such as vendors for specific materials, location of details and quantities required for estimation and tendering.

Angus Kell, Architect and Manager of designLINK™, believes it is an important move for CSR Gyprock as it displays leadership by providing high level technical support within the industry.

“CSR Gyprock, as one of Australia’s largest building material manufacturers, has traditionally been seen as supporting the construction industry at the trade level. The introduction of the Gyprock Revit Family is an important step in reinforcing that Gyprock is also interested in the supporting industry professionals by supporting architects and offering assistance during the design and documentation process,” said Angus.

“The introduction of the Gyprock Revit Family is a pioneering move for the plasterboard industry and will ensure that complex jobs are made easier for architects. The service will save architects a substantial amount of money, as all architects understand, time is money.”

“The Family also works closely with the fire and acoustic assessments set out in the Red Book™ Fire and Acoustic Design Guide and the introduction of the Gyprock Revit Family is really just the beginning for Gyprock’s design support, with CSR continuing to support architects with new Gyprock Revit Family as the needs arise,” added Angus.

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